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Academic Programs International (API) is a private study abroad organisation based in Austin (TX) in the United States.  We offer API students the experience of a lifetime with study abroad and international exchange programs in the South Pacific Asia, Europe, Latin America and The Middle East.  For additional information view the API website at .


API is seeking a part-time Resident Assistant (RA) to provide hourly support to our study abroad program in Shanghai, China.  The RA will provide support to the API Shanghai Resident Coordinator in welcoming the semester students and during their 3 days of orientation.  There will also be excursions and cultural events on weekends throughout the semester where a second resident person is needed to assist with the group of 16-20 students.  Some travel to Beijing and regional/city areas is required.  Specific duties will include but are not limited to:


  • Assist with airport transfers to Shanghai accommodations upon arrival

  • Assist with Shanghai city tours and visits to cultural sites – approximately 6 events during the semester/term

  • Period day excursions outside of Shanghai (approximately two per semester) with the student group and Resident Coordinator

  • Accompany the group during a 3 night tour of Beijing serving as assistant leader

  • Serve as emergency support backup if RC is out of the city


It is anticipated there will be approximately 10-12 days during the semester where RA assistance will be required.  While specific dates are not yet set the following is projected:


  • 3 days for 2 days of orientation activities and 1 food exploration tour in first two weeks of semester

  • 1 day to visit tea house mid November

  • 2, 2 day weekend excursions to 1.  Wuzhen and Hangzhou and Nanjing and Wuxi

  • 3 day weekend excursion to Beijing

  • Other hourly duties as needed


The typical RA will already have a full-time job with flexibility or be a graduate student at ECNU Zhongbei campus seeking a part-time position (approximately 5-10 hours per week in early weeks of the semester) to supplement other income.


The RC reports directly to the API Shanghai Resident Coordinator and, under her direction, is responsible for undertaking all tasks necessary for the smooth and successful operation of the program.


This job description is considered a guide to the position and should not be considered exhaustive.  

Attributes of the ideal RA candidate are flexibility, enthusiasm, dedication, and excitement to bring their own personal touch as they support API students on the program.  


Requirements, in Order of Priority

  • Authorization to work in China

  • A BA in a relevant discipline

  • Familiarity with the city of Shanghai

  • Conversational fluency in English

  • Excellent management & organizational skills

  • A demonstrated sensitivity to student needs and cultural differences

  • A commitment to education and study abroad

  • Preferred personal, professional or academic experience working with Americans

  • Successful candidates must provide a “no criminal” background check


    Salary and Benefits

  • A daily rate for travel accompaniment and hourly rate for other assistance will be paid commiserate to experience and qualifications.  All expenses for company travel to accompany students will be paid by API.


    To Apply

    Qualified candidates should submit by June 1, 2019:

    A formal cover letter that includes your reasons for being a good match for this position.

    A resume

    Contact information for two references


    The candidate must be available to start August 2019.


    For questions and to send application materials via e-mail to:

    Mona Miller, API Regional Director, Asia, the Middle East and the South Pacific, mona.miller@apiabroad.com.


附件: JOB DESCRIPTION Shanghai Resident Assistant FA19.pdf

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